About us

When a successful family business lasts for over four decades, then it can easily be called tradition. Restaurant “Tri Murve” was founded in the year 1975, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Istria. The atmosphere of ancient times and the touch of Istrian history is still present in every corner of the restaurant, and its menu carefully follows the tradition of indigenous Istrian cuisine.


Biserka and Boris Boneta opened the "Tri Murve” inn in the village Vozilići near Labin over four decades ago. From the very beginning, it was well known as a place that offers great shrimp meals. At that time, many restaurant owners were not familiar with shrimp - which is nowadays probably the most famous delicacy of the Kvarner area - the kitchen of the inn cooked is widely acclaimed "shrimp stew", today known as the "shrimp in sauce," which of course is still one of the specialties of this restaurant. The quality and constant premium service attracted many world famous guests that have been occasional or regular visitors of the restaurant in its four decades long history: Ángel Nieto Roldán - Spanish motorcycle rider, Marc Girardelli - former Austrian alpine skier, Pier Paolo Bianchi - the famous Italian motorcycle rider, Bojan Krizaj and Rok Petrovic - slovenian alpine skiers, world famous Formula 1 drivers - Michael and Ralf Schumacher, Croatian TV hosts Oliver Mlakar and Mladen Delic - to name a few.

Restaurant Tri Murve

Recently, Biserka and Boris Boneta handed over the management of restaurant to their daughter and her husband, who continued a successful family business, full of love for local Istrian cuisine. The restaurant has 45 seats in the large hall, and a separate room with a fireplace, ideal for family and intimate occasions or business lunches, that sits up to 30 people. Terrace is in the shade of three large century-old trees of mulberry (“murva" - after which the restaurant takes its name), and it can accommodate up to 50 people.

Domestic Cuisine

The family business brings a pleasant, homely atmosphere in the restaurant area - and similar to the kitchen, where the scents evoke ancient times and rich folk heritage of Istria. Whether it is a meat or seafood dish, vegetables from local gardens or field and forest delicacies, the restaurant's offer firmly follows nowadays the world-renowned traditional gastronomy of Istrian peninsula. For a worthy complement to the traditional menu there is a rich selection of quality wines from all wine-growing regions of Istria.